Walking on eggshells

I wait for the explosion

Boiling within you


4 thoughts on “Hiding

  1. Thank you for this. May I ask why you are waiting for what is external? Or is it that your truly awaiting your own explosion? Self reflection and truth speak to waiting. After all you can always leave.

    Thank you


    1. “You can always leave” is a very simple response to a very complicated problem. I will leave, one day, but until I can afford to live on my own and support my child, I cannot. I will not live in a shelter again. My brother took his own life this year and it has caused a huge disturbance in my family, which makes things very tense, so I cannot go to them. My counselor has also suggested going to a shelter. When I asked her if she had lived in one before, she said, “no” and my response to that is, unless you have lived in a shelter, especially with a child, you have no idea what it’s like and you will not be able to understand how dire my home situation would have to be for me to leave.

      Yes, the emotional turmoil boils within me, but the haiku is referencing his inner anger and the impending almost daily explosion. It is not a healthy situation, but it is the lesser of two evils. Thank you for commenting.


      1. It sounds insurmountable in it’s reason and I will not comment on Shelters, I truly don’t know. I will communicate this to you, you have choice and yes it is limited. We hear daily from News sources and others about resources that truly aren’t resources at all, I know from experience.
        May I suggest an alternative? If you have a Pediatrician or your own Physician, it might be prudent to go see them. In many circumstances there is a Nurse Case Manager available that has information and resources not always easily known. (In fact I would ask to speak with the Nurse Manager or Registered Nurse in charge and inform them of the circumstances) None of us have easy answers to these situations. But it sounds like you need assistance that is beyond your circumstances. Even without Insurance, a Nurse Manager will assist you. If there isn’t a Nurse available via your Physician call any area Hospital and ask to speak to a Nurse Case Manager. I apologize for the intrusion and truly Hope you find assistance.



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