An Ode to Alaska

9-7-2008-17 - Copy

I remember the first time we met

You were so shy, only sharing a glimpse

Of your true glorious nature

I was so very young

And you an ancient spirit, longing to teach me

Your secrets of life and beauty

I had waited for days to see you

Not knowing what to expect, only knowing that

You were the stuff dreams are made of

Picture-taking, motorhome-driving invalids

Gawking as they drove by, they didn’t understand

Seeing two hitchhikers in the middle of nowhere

It was all worth it when your face was exposed

You showed me yourself, you gave me new perspective

But best of all when I left you, you’d given me life


5 thoughts on “An Ode to Alaska

  1. I have been two Alaska many times and I know what you are saying and it is beautiful and it is True, Alaska takes a piece of your heart and replaces it with knowing. Nice job .


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