A New Beginning


How happy it makes me to relish the fact that 2015 is over, finally. In 2014, I faced homelessness, so I believed that 2015 could only be for the better. In some cases, it was better. After all, I was able to graduate from college and get out of a shelter situation (with my wily womanish ways). My daughter got to attend a great program through her school. Best of all, Bernie Sanders burst into the limelight and gave many people a glimmer of hope, especially me.

My mind is whirling with the many challenges ahead of me in 2016. I just started a new job, one that I could have only dreamed of obtaining in Indiana. Next week, I will begin attending classes again so as to finish my legal assistant degree in May. I am so close, but now my dreams have gotten even bigger. I want to do more than I ever have before.

It is almost as though my great losses have inspired much more in me than I could ever have expected. My brother’s death made me want to reach out to people in a new way; it also forced me to find a healthy way to grieve, which turned into the Borderline Bipolar Project. Losing a person in such a manner truly changes a person, no matter who you are.

I believe that experiencing homelessness again, and having to find a way out, also changed who I am. My mother has made a good point about my failed relationship with “the wrong Nick”. She recognizes that without him, I probably would not have graduated from college (even though I was only 3 credits shy of earning my general studies degree).

So for better or worse, 2015 was a learning experience, a very important one. I know now to avoid relationships that have no real meaning behind them. A loveless partnership agreement between two people living as a couple is a terrible idea; at least, I learned a valuable lesson.

And I’m still learning, every day. That’s what matters most. That is how we break free from the chains of cognitive slavery, through mindful habits and self-awareness.


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