It’s a Fire…These Dreams Have Passed Me By

It’s been a little over three weeks now. The night of celebrating the greatest accomplishment my employers probably ever hoped to achieve also marked one of the greatest tragedies the company will ever face, if not the greatest tragedy. Nearly three million boxes of cookies delivered this year – more than any other company in the entire country. And Laura was there to join in the festivities. She was up on stage, with her photo taken and all, which was unusual for her. A few hours later, she was dead.

Laura was known by many people in our industry to be a well-liked and familiar, reliable person. They knew when they called our company that she either knew the answer to a question, or would figure it out. She was the person many people turned to when in doubt. She deserved that credit, because she was a dedicated and important person in the moving industry.

The most striking thing that sticks with me about her death, however, is the dream I had the night she passed away. After describing the dream to my mother, she told me not to read so much into it – I think my dreams disturb my mom because they hit too close to home. My mom does not like to face reality.

Let me first preface the following by saying that my coworker regularly took her lunch break, almost like clockwork, at 2 PM, every single day. She would stay later if possible, and had to be reminded if at 2:15 she remained, to be getting on with her lunch. She liked taking the break as late as possible so when she returned, the day was almost over. That was her thing.

The dream I had the night she passed away was a direct frustration caused by her leaving us too early. I was out in the warehouse, sweeping at my office manager’s direction, which is not the norm in real life, when Laura went to go out the side door to take her lunch. In my dream, I felt angry because she was leaving to go to lunch at 1:20 and we were closing early for some reason, at 3:00. I thought, why does she need to leave when we are about to close?

The next morning, I went to work, thinking nothing of the dream, and discovered at work that she had died in the night, approximately at the same time I had been dreaming about her “leaving early.” Her father left a message on my voicemail, not knowing it was my mailbox, around 2:40 AM, to report that the police had come to their house to confirm her passing.

It seriously disturbed me that I psychically linked into her passing in my dreamscape. The only people I have told, a spare few, have disregarded me – as usual. No acknowledgement that I recognized her demise in my dream. Of course, I didn’t dream of flames, and she died in a fire in her apartment.

But there was something else. We had a previous fire in our warehouse back in December, with severe damage. Less than a month earlier, I dreamt of coming into work and there being carpet cleaners and the office being closed because of damage to the floors. Only a few weeks later in real life, I walked in and there was damage to the floors – not due to flooding, but the sprinkler systems from the fire.

I don’t see these two dreams and incidents coordinating as a coincidence. These are not the first dreams I have experienced that have been linked to future events. But few believe me. Maybe they don’t want to because it is too disturbing. My mom told me not to pay attention because it might make me read into my dreams too much. However, I don’t read into them unless something else flags my attention that correlates with reality.

Don’t tell me not to believe in my own dreams. I know what they mean more than anyone. It’s just that sometimes, or most times, I don’t see the truth and the accompaniment of events until it has already occurred. Also, don’t tell me to play the lottery. It doesn’t work that way.


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