Hyperbolic Tendencies – The Right One

Phone 2013-2014 014Oh, Joyous Day!

I have found you again, my long lost love

My Knight who will rescue me

From the torment of which I Suffer

And the intellectual and personal stagnation

That has swallowed me whole

You were gone forever but

At last, I’ve found you and

My heart is singing for the love that was lost

The warm embrace and smiling face

Your kind heart, your loving touch, your sweetness

Melts my heart just like I am 13 all over again

Has it really been twenty years since we met?

How incredible a journey that two people

Could lose sight of one another for so long

But still have such love and caring for each other

I want you to save me, I need you in my life

Be my knight, be my hero, be my love


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